Here's how Dorothy Jean Hair began...


Dorothy Jean was my nanna; she called me her princess. She was born in 1923 in Tighes Hill, NSW. Her marriage to Michael Shui Chow taught her strength as she battled the stigma of a multicultural union. She was independent, hard working, and instilled a sense of serenity and integrity. After painting planes during the war, she went on to move to North Queensland and fell in love with an Italian cane cutter and loved the summer, clean white walls, a tropical garden, mid-century rattan furniture, and always loved a touch a pink lipstick.


Dorothy Jean Hair has been created in honour of my nanna, for the professional woman who lives in the inner city and loves the fresh, clean Queensland sunshine and the tranquil bliss found in nature. She feels transported by the arts, is in love with her family, and likes to support small, sustainable business. She is the eco-glam client that is conscious of her footprint but not afraid to look polished and sophisticated. She values consistency and convenience, and comes to the salon not only for maintenance, but also for a relaxing respite from her day. She likes to take care of herself with products that are uncomplicated, do not contain any nasty ingredients and are beautifully packaged.


For high quality service in a peaceful setting that invokes the soft Queensland breeze through the canefields, experience the Dorothy Jean difference.