Color Fresh

Who can use 75ml Wella Color Fresh?

Anyone who would like to add shine and fresh tone in their hair without using ammonia or causing damage.


Wella have a huge range of different Color Fresh shades for brown hair. Whether you're looking to tone your colour down and go for a darker, chocolate brown, or highlight the golden flecks in your locks, Wella Color Fresh is sure to have the colour care solution for you.


You don't need to spend your time watching your hair get brassy! Wella Color Fresh have invented a variety of different golden and platinum shades, so you can make sure your hair is bright and beautiful all year round. Ideal for refreshing your toner in between salon visits.


Get that fiery look back with a splash of Wella Color Fresh. Whether you're looking for an intense colour, or a subtle glow, Wella Professionals have a beautiful selection of red colours for blonde and brown hair. 


If you've decided to finally let yourself go grey, or if you've joined-in the silver grey trend, then the Wella Color Fresh range will help you give your colour the boldness that you want for your new look. Shop the range now and give your hair a colour boost!


  1. Shampoo and towel dry the hair.
  2. Wearing suitable gloves, apply colour directly from the bottle.
  3. Apply colour evenly to the hair, working through lengths and ends to ensure even distribution.
  4. Comb through.
  5. After development, emulsify with warm water then rinse the hair thoroughly.
  6. It is not usually necessary to shampoo the hair again.
  7. Style as usual.




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