10 ways to freshen up your hair this Spring


Would you like to know how you can not only brighten your hairstyle, but also save time?

We have 10 quick and easy tips for you to try this Spring, and if you are a September baby, scroll down for your special birthday treat


  1. Go for a blunt lob: a lob (or long bob) is the perfect way to convert long and limp hair into a statement look. The perfect length will graze your collar bone and be free of any layering or fringes. Check @haileybieber on Instagram for inspiration. Easy to blowdry and looks fabulous on blonder hair.
  2. Need to fill in the front of your bob or lob to add thickness? Try just a few of our invisible tape extensions, and we can pre-colour them to match before your arrive so that you are in and out in just 1 hour.
  3. Try a smooth and straight look on long hair with a super clean centre part. A great look for brunettes inspired by @kyliejenner and super easy when your blast with a paddle brush and just straighten the ends.
  4. Clip it: add this season's must have accessory, the pearl hair clip, to your beachy waves or messy top knot. An easy way to get out the door when you don't have time to shampoo.
  5. Healthy hair: split ends are never a good look, so relax and make your Sunday night your beauty night. Run yourself a hot bath, pour a glass of wine, and commit to your weekly hair mask ritual. Try Wella Fusion for up to 95% more resilience against breakage, and save time through the week with tangle free hair.
  6. Big hair: the big, bouncy, Italian Vogue blowdry is back. So, why not book in for that special occasion. Or, let us show you how to recreate this look at home. Ask your stylist now! We have some super quick and easy tips to share.
  7. Peach perfection: for our lighter coloured guests the hot new toner has a soft tinge of peach and is super pretty. Are you ready to try something new? And remember. a toner is a temporary and low maintenance change.
  8. Built in bangs: we love fringes that are organically integrated into your hairstyle and grow out easily so that you don't need to spend hours in the salon every few weeks.
  9. Razor cuts: the 70s shag is back, but with a new twist, and the best way to create this look is with expert razor cutting. A razor cut releases your hair's natural texture and means you can just scrunch some product in and go!
  10. De-frizz: the weather is still in transition and this creates frizz, so calm your tresses with a keratin smoothing treatment to cut your blowdrying time in half. We love Cezanne, and your can see it in action at @cezannehairaus

We hope you've enjoyed these time saving tips for Spring, and would love to see you soon at Dorothy Jean Hair.

If you have a birthday in September.... we welcome you for a glass of wine, a scalp massage, and hair styling session (blowdry or down curls) as a special thank you for supporting us.

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Have a beautiful September,
Nadine Johns-Alcock
Dorothy Jean Hair

Organic 70s inspired shag haircut from Dorothy Jean Hair in Highgate Hill Qld
The New Shag Cut

Here's how to update your haircut

and save time


Are you exhausted by the relentless morning routine of shampooing, blowdrying, and straightening your hair?

Well. good news, the 70s shag is back, with a twist.


Gone are the smooth, sleek styles of the past. It's now all about organic shapes that work to enhance your hair's natural texture and movement. We can release this movement in your hair by using the latest in razor cutting techniques to provide an easy care cut that is on trend.


The first step towards the new shag cut is to create the ideal face framing layers that will work for you.

This is different for everyone and will involve your stylist:

  • combing and feeling your hair's natural texture; is it fine, medium, or coarse?
  • looking at your hair's natural growth patterns and your face shape to assess to most organic direction
  • taking into consideration your ideal length and your hair's elasticity; it will cause the length to jump up
  • assessing the amount of hair you have, or density, to decide how much weight to remove from your hair
  • deciding on an overall silhouette that is in proportion to your whole body and matches your personal style
  • and working with your lifestyle to ensure your next haircut is easy to manage for you at home, not just in salon

Once these elements are decided, your stylist will carve the overall shape using a blade, and then create internal texture.

This process can be done on wet or dry hair, depending on your hair's texture, and will take approximately 45 minutes.

Next, your stylist will work with you to share how to care for your new cut, and also which styling products are most suited to this new look. The products you will need to use will depend on your natural hair type.


If you hair is naturally wavy or frizzy, you may need to start with a product to smooth your hair such as Wella SP Luxe Oil or the lighter Wella Eimi Perfect Me, which is a BB cream for your hair. This will even out your hair's moisture content and protect your hair, reducing frizz.


Once the frizz is under control, it really does help to apply a styling product that will help the hair to clump together a little and enhance the movement. Some of the products we like to use for this purpose include the Wella Eimi Curl Craft mousse, or the Wella Eimi Grip Cream. The great news is, you may not ever need to blowdry your hair!


If, however, your hair is fine and lacks volume, a blowdryer with a diffuser attachment will give you all the oomph you need at the roots. A diffuser attachment will spread the air out and give you the drying heat power, without the forceful blow of air. But before you start drying your hair, you will need to add a product to increase your hair's volume. Your stylist will recommend the perfect product, but we do like Wella Eimi Ocean Spritz to give you a gritty, just swam in the sea, texture.


The new shag cut will free up your hair's natural texture, giving you the opportunity to simply wash your hair, scrunch some product in, and get on with your day. It will grow out really nicely, save you time in styling, and reduce your need to be in the salon every few weeks. You will only need to have your cut shaped every 2 months, with the option of coming into the salon for a 15 minute fringe trim in between if needed.


If you would like to book your new shag cut with Rose, Hannah, or Nadine please book online via the menu in top left hand corner or call us on 07 38448302.


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