Are hair extensions right for you?

Here's how to:

  • Increase length
  • Add volume
  • Fill in gaps where your hair won't grow

Did you know that we offer hair extensions services?

You did? Great!

But you might be wondering if hair extensions are really suitable for you.

Perhaps you think hair extensions are a bit trashy, they cause damage, or are only for long, blonde, mermaid hair? Well, let's take a look....


At Dorothy Jean Hair we offer two permanent extensions methods: tape and weft. We also have temporary methods like 7 piece clip ins or 3 in 1 halos.


Tape Extensions

Tape Extensions come in a 4cm wide piece of hair, and are perfect if you have fine hair and want to fill in some gappy areas (especially around the front) or add some blunt weight to the end of a bob, or even add chemical free colour to your long hair.


Application: tape extensions have medical grade adhesive at the top and two pieces are used to sandwich around your natural hair. They will remain attached and while your hair grows and will need maintenance every 4-6 weeks - your stylist will be able to monitor your hair growth and let you know when it is the right time to return. We usually apply between 1/4 of a head (25g) to a full head (100g) of tape extensions and this ranges in price from $350 - 1550.


Maintenance is required, and this will include removing the extensions using an alcohol based remover. Over the time your tape extensions have been attached they will have trapped some of your natural hair's shedding, so don't be alarmed if you notice hair being combed out. It is normal for the average person to shed around 100 hairs per day. Once the extensions are removed we clean them and replace the adhesive. Your natural hair is then shampooed and the extensions are moved up the hair shaft and reapplied. This process takes 1-2.5 hours and costs between $110 and $275, depending on how many extensions are in your hair.


Price range: there is such a broad price range in tape extensions due to each person requiring a different amount of hair, and we also offer two varieties of tape extensions: slimline tape and skin weft tape. Slimline tape extensions are made of premium hair that is 80% Indian f(or durability) and 20% European for (silkiness) and are our gold standard in extensions. Skin weft tape extensions have hair sewn into the bond at the top and look like hair that is growing from the scalp - making them almost undetectable. The most popular service is a 1/2 head of tape extensions with Slimline costing $550 and Skin Weft is $840. Book a weekday appointment and save 10%.


Weft Extensions

Weft Extensions are the perfect choice for this with thicker hair who want to increase length and volume. Our weft extensions are only available in a full head of 100g; and, for very thick hair we can add some tape extensions to fill out the front if required. Our wefts are deluxe, double drawn hair that is thick all the way to the ends, and reusable for up to 12 months if taken care of.


Application: for safe wear, our weft extensions sewn into the hair over a flat track of 5mm micro beads using marine grade antibacterial thread, all colour matched to your hair. Allow approximately 3 hours for this service and it costs $1320 (save $132 by coming on a weekday).


Maintenance: as your hair grows, the weft will shift down your hair and it will need to be removed and refit every 4-6 weeks, and this cost $363.


Who to book with

All of our team are trained in the removal hair extensions.

When it comes to fitting the hair extensions we recommend you book in with Jo for weft and Ruby for tape.

Nadine is the Global Head of Education for Showpony Hair Extensions and can also be booked on a Friday or Saturday appointment only.


Step 1:  book your FREE 30 minute consultation now here.

Step 2: we will colour match your hair and provide a quote.

Step 3: pay your 50% deposit and schedule your application appointment.

Step 4: book in for your maintenance in 4 - 6 weeks' time.

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